Flooring Q&A’s

carpetsWhen measuring my floor for wooden flooring, do I need to add on an excess?
Typically, flooring specialists will recommend a minimum of 5% wastage when ordering wooden flooring, to allow for small mistakes and complicated cuts.

What’s the easiest way to measure an L-shaped room for wooden floors?
Mentally cut the L shape into two squares / rectangles and calculate the area of both, then add together.

How should I measure for carpet?
Always make sure that you measure the widest and longest areas, as your carpet will come in one piece. Allow a minimum of 10cm waste on the length and the width.

Can I install carpets over underfloor heating?
Yes, as long as you first get professional advice on a compatible underlay beforehand.

What do I need to do before the fitting of my carpet?
Carpets need to be acclimatised in the room where they are being fitted, for at least 48 hours beforehand. This ensures that it won’t shrink whilst in place.

Is there a limit to the temperature of my underfloor heating?
When laying wooden flooring above underfloor heating, you should make sure that the floor’s surface doesn’t exceed 27c.